The Heart Of The Sea



I love the ocean. I love the sand that naturally exfoliates my skin, the salty water that texturizes my wild hair, the steady waves and ripples that crash against my body, and the marine life that swims around and nibbles at my toes. Above all, I love the sounds. When I find myself tossing and turning late in the night, I often turn on the melody of waves crashing upon sand to soothe me back to sleep.

Before I actively seeked God, I saw the ocean as a mysterious and frightening body of water- a body of water that someone could get lost in and in result would most likely never be found again. To me, the sea was a treacherous abyss of the unknown.

Getting to know God will change your perspective. Now that I know Him, when I look at the sea, I feel the exact opposite of fear. I feel a peace so big that the salt water in front of me looks small. At an average depth of 12,254 feet, 71% of our Earth is ocean. Something of that enormity is incomprehensible.

Knowing my Father doesn’t change the depth, though. It doesn’t change the width or the physical greatness of the sea. However, it gives me the greatest sense of comfort to look at the vast magnitude of the deep blue and know that the one who created it is bigger.

Not only is He bigger- He loves me.

As I sit here on this dock and gaze out onto the horizon of the gulf, I see more than the ripples of azure hues. I see God. I feel more than the coastal breeze on my salty, sun-sensitive skin. I feel a love greater than I could ideate. I don’t see uncharted territory. I see God putting Himself on display for all to know Him.

Psychologists and color experts categorize blue as a “cool color,” causing our brains to release a chemical that causes us to feel calm. For some people, the shade of the water before them may bring them peace. However, for me, knowing the heart of the sea is what puts my soul at ease.


Behold, he scatters his lightning about him, and covers the roots of the sea.” Job 36:30


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