Bloom Brightly


I feel like most of my life consists of being on the road. Whether it be driving to Perry, Atlanta, Douglasville or wherever else, any second of my free time is spent maneuvering white lines and red lights. Today while driving through Cartersville, Georgia, I found myself in awe of God’s creation. I stared intently at the mountains surrounding the town, the colors of the trees lining the streets in the historic district, and the billowing clouds hanging above my head in the suburban sky.

While driving down a winding road on the outskirts of the town, I felt an uprising sensation of calmness in my chest as I gazed at the golden fields surrounding my car. The grass was swaying wildly in the light breeze that was pushing through the cracked windows of my car and blowing my hair into my face. Of all the fields that my blue eyes fell upon, the one that put me at ease the most was a field packed tightly with rows of little to no vegetation. As my car travelled down the asphalt path, I examined the rows- each the same distance away from the one before it and looking as if it contained the perfect amount of moisture.

As I focused my attention back to the road, I wondered why that rural field caught my eye. Perhaps it was the crisp rows of dirt running perpendicular to my car, as if not a single grain of soil was out of place.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are attracted to perfection. We want the perfect body, the perfect grades and the perfect internship. We dream of the perfect spouse, the perfect kids, and the perfect job. When the day comes and we wake up and realize we don’t have the perfect things we’ve wished for, we crave the perfect life of someone else.  Despite how flawed our lives are, we strive for perfection.

Like the unblemished field, we want to look as if every aspect of our life is in place. As we get so immersed in the fantasy of perfection, we often forget that we weren’t created to be perfect.

We were created by the One who is perfect. (Chills? Just me?)

Your life is not meant to be pruned down to perfection. The King of Kings did not create you to live perfectly within the life-lacking rows of dirt. He designed you to bloom colorfully toward the sky.  You were created to flourish with wildflowers, ground cover, and weeds. You were created to thrive with vegetation and such beautiful hues that only God could paint them Himself. Although you will endure powerful winds, heavy rain, and droughts, hang on because its worth it. Continue to bloom brightly for God. The harvest will be here before you know it.

Bloom Brightly,





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