Run For Your Life

Close your eyes and picture a person that invades your comfort zone. A person that touches your arm within the first thirty seconds of meeting or bypasses the handshake and goes in for a full on hug- not a side hug but a full frontal hug.

The person you have designed in your mind is me.

I am a person of touch. I need to show my excitement of hellos through handshakes. There’s no way that I can fully explain every detail in a story without touching the person next to me and I can’t express my thanks without an overbearing hug.

I’ve recently been praying for something that has been troubling me. Like He always does, God has so beautifully answered my prayer and given me the guidance that I had been begging Him for. However, I can’t get into my car, drive to Heaven’s pearly gates, walk into the throne room and give God an overbearing hug in return.

For the longest time, I struggled with the fact that the person I’m madly in love with is intangible.

However, the Prince of Peace has struck once again. While looking through old Facebook pictures, the Lord showed me exactly what I needed to relieve my frustration.

I used to run cross-country in high school. My favorite races were the ones that my sweet Grandparents came to. I can remember turning the corner, and seeing their smiling faces cheering for me. It would give me the boost of energy to run harder as I approached the finish line so I could wrap my sweaty arms around them.

As I flipped through the pictures, I realized that our walk with God is easily comparable to a cross-country meet. Some parts of the course are filled with hills, making it harder to run than the flat stretches of land. Sometimes we will be so out of breath that it will feel like there is no way we could take another step. However, if we could muster our strength to look over to the sideline, we would see our number one fan. He’s always there – decked out in our school colors, face painted, wearing a button with our picture on it and holding up signs he made just for us.

No, I can’t physically touch God right now but that’s because I’m still in the race. Although I can’t physically give him a “high five,” with every step I take, I get to joyously listen to Him cheer me on. I get to watch as He jumps up and down and yells how much He loves me. I get to witness His excitement as He runs alongside me and waves His foam finger in the air.

However, eventually I will cross the finish line and He’ll be there handing out snacks, waters and “Good Jobs.” One day the race will be over and He’ll be waiting for me as I take my last steps. Though I will have crossed the line, I’ll continue to run into the embrace of my number one fan. In that glorious moment, I’ll receive the best hug I’ve ever received- the hug that will put all other hugs to shame.

Sometimes, it may feel as though your feet hurt so bad you may have to take a break but your number one fan is going to tell you to keep going. Some days you’re going to meet people in the race who try to convince you that no one is cheering for either of you but you’ve got to keep going. Some days it’s going to rain but your number one fan will be there in his poncho, running alongside the course.

I used to think that 3.1 miles seemed like the distance from Georgia to New York. However, it was always over before I knew it. The race we run is so short that it’s incomprehensible. So…run hard. Run knowing that the creator of the universe is giving you the energy to put one tired foot in front of the other. Run knowing that one day you will no longer run on grass and gravel but on gold.

Run for your life,



4 thoughts on “Run For Your Life

  1. Ansley, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You write beautifully and from the soul. Keep sharing and inspiring others. No doubt God has great plans for you. BTW I like your hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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