God Sends Us Angels


As my first blog, I did not intend to be so sentimental. However, it is the holidays and I am filled with Christmas cheer (and tons of food). The holidays are such a blessing. They are a time for our bodies to relax and recoup with a cup of hot chocolate, glass of wine or even a bottle of beer for some. Whatever your “cup of cheer” is, the holidays are a time to spend with the people that you love. Whether they are spent with tons of presents under the tree or no tree at all, it is a time to step back from our busy lives and observe what the good Lord has blessed us with.

Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with more than I need. I have more presents under the tree than I need, more food than my tummy can handle and more clothes than I can wear. Best of all, I have more family than my house can hold. I am tremendously blessed with the gift of family. Every person in my great, big family brings something unique to the table. Whether it is my Aunt’s loud humor or my Uncle’s need to argue, I love them all the same. However, the holidays would not be the “Most Wonderful Time of Year” without one specific person.


Jay Kesler once said “Young people need something stable to hang on to – a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a hope for their own future. Most of all, they need what grandparents can give them.” Unlike many people today, I can gratefully say that I have grown up with and still have all of my Grandparents. While they are all special to me, my maternal Grandfather, “Papa” is a one of a kind. From his need to always love on someone to his urge to witness to others, my Papa is the epitome of someone that is special.


Edward Blount, a sibling of three boys grew up in Waycross, Georgia (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere). He served in the Marines and, shortly after that, he graduated from the University of Georgia. He married his wife Katie and had three Daughters: Susan (my mother), Sarah and Katherine. No worries! I’m not writing this to give you my Papa’s biography. I am writing this to explain to those reading how to be the best person that you can truly be. In order to do that, I believe that you should take after my Papa.


My Papa is a big man. No, I do not mean rotund. I mean that he is 6’3 with long arms, long legs and large hands. In my opinion, he is the record holder of the world’s best hugs and, if you are around him for 10 seconds or more, you will find out. My Papa feels the need to love on people. Not in a creepy predator way like I am sure that some of you are thinking. My Papa is loving in a tender, caring, and affectionate way that unfortunately, many people in this world don’t experience. Whether he is scratching your back while you are sitting near him or he is kissing your best friend’s hand that is meeting him for the first time, my Papa is a loving man.


My Papa is a giver. Think of the most generous person that you could imagine- someone that could give you a present on your darkest day, on your darkest hour in order to cheer you up. That person that you have created in your mind is my Papa. Because our world is so fast and busy, many of us resort to the dollar amount of a gift to determine how important someone is to you. My Papa is not the type of person that will spend a hundred dollars on a gift for you. He is the type of person who will spend so much thought and so much time on a present that nothing will ever compare. Whether he made it with his own two hands or he fixed something that you broke years ago, my Papa is the best gift giver that you will ever find.


My Papa likes to quote. However, because he has said these two phrases constantly since the day I was born, I tend to believe that he coined the two phrases. If you ever hear a cute, old man with white hair saying “I love you to the moon and back” or “Have I told you lately that I love you?” then you have been lucky enough to cross paths with my Papa.

My Papa is a reminder. The introduction of the cell phone to him was probably the best thing that we have done. Because my Papa has now figured out a way to text with his abnormally large fingers, we are constantly reminded of how much he loves us. Whether it is a picture of us or one of his favorite quotes, my Papa is constantly wanting to share with his family that they are loved by him.

My Papa is an angel. If you are thinking of someone in white light with wings, then you are thinking correctly. He is an Angel of God. How do I know this? I know this because of the words of wisdom that the Lord shares via my Papa. If you go to Meme and Papa’s before lunch time, you will get there in time to witness my Papa’s study time. My Papa is a deacon of his church and Christ follower in private and in public. Speaking of angels…Have you ever found a drawing of an angel on your car? Dinner table? If so, God led you to one of his angels.

My Papa is not just my Papa. Although I am lucky enough to share some of his DNA, my Papa is everyone’s Papa. As a child, when my younger brother’s friend said he didn’t have a “Papa”, my brother’s response was “You don’t have a Papa? Everyone needs a Papa! You need to get a Papa”. I think the words of that little boy were wise beyond his years. If I have learned anything in my short 18 years of life, it is that I am lucky to have lived 18 years. Also, if you are lucky enough to be breathing, you should spend the time that you have on Earth with people that you love. And who better to spend it with than one of God’s angels?


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