Rain, Coffee, Jesus

It’s a yucky day here in Athens. It’s the type of day where every college student wakes up for class, looks out the window and decides that they aren’t going. Thankfully, my teachers felt the same way and cancelled class before I had to struggle with the decision myself.


Curled up under my heated blanket, I sipped my coffee, grabbed the Bible and dove into my devotion. I began journaling on the pages, underlining important sentences, and reading the scripture that was paired with the daily lesson.

New York Times Best Seller, Ann Voscamp wrote an awesome devotional titled “One Thousand Gifts”  – a book reflecting on finding everyday graces. The 250-page book, filled with sixty devotions and a journal fortunately ended up in my hands Christmas morning when my Dad gave it to me as a gift.

What a gift it is…Not only because of her amazing skills to write about God’s love, but because of the amazing way that God spoke to me about His love through her words.

Voscamp began her journey with a dare to count one thousand things that she loved. One thousand things became one thousand graces and one thousand graces became “One Thousand Gifts.”

Her love for the Lord is evident in every word that was carefully structured into the book. Today’s lesson began with the thought provoking question, “What initially sparks God’s anger?”



Thanklessness leads to the fall – sin.

Eve’s thanklessness led to her eating the one fruit He doesn’t give to her. Voscamp refers to this thanklessness as the “catalyst of the fall.”

I grew up in a Christian household. I prayed before every meal and went to church on Sundays. Through the repetitive singing of  “Jesus Loves Me,” I’ve known from a young age that I was loved by the Lord. From every blade of grass, to every mountain, I recognized His presence in the world.

Although I could see God in everything, I often forgot to thank Him.

After each devotion, I add a few of my own graces to the list provided in the back.

It’s amazing how many blessings God gives us- so many blessings that stretch far beyond the confines of the numbered list that is provided in the book. What is even more amazing is how much we should be thanking Him. From every breathe we can take, to every person we love, to every ability we have in this life, He deserves praise for it.

So to end this short post for the day, I want to quote something that Voscamp wrote in today’s lesson.

“Turn in thanks and everything turns- and God doesn’t turn away.”

Stay thankful,



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